Conservation Resource Alliance Platte River Project Opens Habitat for Sensitive Species

Conservation Resource Alliance’s Platte River project will replace five culverts with full channel-spanning structures and reconnect four miles of stream habitat on the North Branch of the Platte River (Michigan) to benefit brook trout, brown trout as well as steelhead, coho and chinook salmon. The project is underway thanks to support from Trout and Salmon Foundation and a host of other partners.

About Trout and Salmon Foundation

Trout and Salmon Foundation was founded in 1969 to protect wild salmon and trout in North America. TSF enables and accelerates the work of local conservation organizations, landowners, and government agencies by providing grants to restore cold water fish habitat.

Trout and Salmon Foundation is a self-funding non-profit and 100% of all donations to TSF are used to fund habitat and restoration projects in trout and salmon waters across North America.

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