• $3,000 Montana Trout Foundation to continue work on Flow Enhancement of Bitterroot River (Wynn Rainbolt).
  • $3,000 Foundation for Montana Trout for continuing work on the Bitterroot tributary studies. This phase concentrates on measuring effect of irrigation canals on fish populations (Wynn Rainbolt, Bill Good, Kris Kronberg).
  • $1,000 Bitterroot Chapter of Trout Unlimited for study of hydropower development on Bitterroot River (Dave Odell).
  • $5,000 Montana Land Reliance to continue work on obtaining fishing and conservation easements on Montana rivers (Bill Dunham).
  • $2,000 Trout Unlimited National to help pay distribution costs for their Living Brightwater Manual.
  • $4,000 Clinton Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited to aid in restoration of Paint Creek.
  • $4,000 Colorado Council of Trout Unlimited to help finance Fishing Pier Program for the Handicapped (Ann Fothergill).