The Trout & Salmon Foundation was started by Elliott Donnelley in 1969 during his tenure as the first National Chair of Trout Unlimited. At first, the Trout & Salmon Foundation was closely associated with T.U. but then spun-off as an independent organization with a charter supporting trout and salmon habitat and excluding political advocacy.

The Foundation’s original asset base in 1969 was $114,000 and the first grants were made in 1972 when the assets were of sufficient size to provide income to start the granting process.

Today, the Foundation’s asset base is in excess of $1.2 million. All grants are made from income together with a small portion of the appreciated assets and all contributions to Trout and Salmon Foundation go into the asset base.

Since 1972, Trout and Salmon Foundation has made more than 350 grants plus produced a special video production in 1993 on Trout Habitat Restoration. The combined total of the grants and special project funds awarded totals more than $1.4 million.


Started by Elliott Donnelley, the first National Chair of Trout Unlimited with an asset base of $114,000.
Makes Initial grant of $15,000 to support wild cutthroat trout populations in Wyoming
The Foundation completes it’s first decade of operation by donating over $76,000 to 25 different watersheds
The Foundation makes it’s first donation to support wild populations of Atlantic Salmon in the US and Canada
The Foundation underwrites the instructional video, The River’s Return, and sends it out to local organizations help them restore their home waters.
The Foundation makes it’s first grant award to protecting wild Pacific Salmon stocks in North America.
The Foundation’s total awards exceed $0.5 million
The Foundation surpasses $1.0 million in awards to benefit trout and salmon
Grant totals exceed $1.15 million across 284 approved requests
Grant totals exceed $1.3 million across 338 approved requests
The Foundation celebrates 50 years of supporting trout and salmon habitat restoration including more than $1.5 million across more than 400 projects