Reporter-Herald Highlights Completed Restoration Project on Big Thompson River (CO)

In 2016, Trout and Salmon Foundation supported the Big Thompson Watershed Coalition and Rocky Mountain Flycasters on the Jasper Lake project. The goal of the project was to increase the resiliency of the river ecosystem in the next flood event, enhance riparian habitat and restore aquatic habitat. The project spans a half mile of the Big Thompson on both the north and south sides of the highway and crosses private, Larimer County and U.S. Forest Service land.

The finished project was recently highlighted in an article in the Reporter-Herald and includes a narrower channel with more areas along the banks for waters to disperse in the event of another flood, large boulders specifically placed to control the flow of the water and to create pools for fish habitat, large trees that extend from under the banks into the river, stabilizing the bank, preventing erosion and creating habitat, and trees, forbes and shrubs to stabilize the banks, prevent erosion and create shade and habitat.

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