Trout and Salmon Foundation Announces 2017 Grants to Support Habitat Improvement Projects in Cold Water Trout and Salmon Fisheries

Trout and Salmon Foundation Announces 2017 Grants to Support Habitat Improvement Projects in Cold Water Trout and Salmon Fisheries

Sun Valley, Idaho – Trout and Salmon Foundation (“TSF”) announced its 2017 grant recipients approved at TSF’s annual board meeting.

 “We are honored to support our conservation partners with the funding required to execute meaningful trout and salmon habitat improvement projects.  This year TSF funded 15 projects in cold water fisheries that support wild trout from South Carolina to California and lots of places in between. In many cases, TSF’s grants serve as critical private funds that enable our partners to access significant matching funds, and make these projects a reality” summarized James Budelman, Trout and Salmon Foundation Chairman.

Trout and Salmon Foundation grants for 2017 include:

Conservation Resource Alliance: $3,000 to assist in reducing stream bank erosion and sediment delivery to the stream, diversify instream habitat while maintaining navigability in the Pine River (Michigan).

Trout Unlimited, Mountain Bridge Chapter: $5,000 to remove a dam and pond at the headwaters of Matthews Creek (South Carolina) and reconnect a mountain bog to the lower portions of the creek to benefit Southern Appalachian strain of Eastern Brook Trout.

Montana Trout Unlimited: $5,000 to help fund a restoration project on 1.5 miles of lower Jack Creek, a major tributary of the Madison River (Montana).

Trout Unlimited, Twin Cities Chapter: $3,000 to re-grade high banks and remediate stream beds by placing boulders and wood structures as part of a restoration of Trout Brook (Minnesota).

American Rivers: $3,000 to remove two diversions on Pine Creek (California), the main rearing habitat for Eagle Lake Rainbow Trout, and dedicate water rights to instream flow in perpetuity.

Applegate Partnership & Watershed Council: $4,000 to remove Forest Creek (OR) dam and provide fish passage to more than 2 miles of spawning and rearing habitat for coho salmon, steelhead trout and cutthroat trout.

Downeast Salmon Federation: $5,000 to support the Peter Gray Hatchery which employs techniques designed to produce exceptionally fit Atlantic salmon pre-adapted to the East Machias (Maine) river environment.

Trout Unlimited, Wisconsin Clear Water Chapter: $3,000 to fund 4,000 feet of stream and bank restoration on Hay Creek (Wisconsin), a tributary of Wilson Creek, to benefit native trout and other aquatic invertebrates.

Trout Unlimited, Central Wisconsin Chapter: $3,000 to support the purchase and installation of overhead bank covers and other in-stream habitat for restoration of Bird Creek (Wisconsin), a feeder stream to the Main Branch of the White River.

Appalachian Mountain Club: $4,000 to replace a culvert on the West Branch of the Pleasant River (Maine), part of the Penobscot watershed, with a newly constructed bridge to re-open more than 5 miles of native brook trout spawning habitat.

Trout Unlimited: $4,000 to decrease structure slope and improve fish passage as part of the Big Creek (Wyoming) Passage Project that reconnects 58 miles of trout habitat with the North Platte River.

Trout Unlimited, Wisconsin River Valley: $2,000 to install brush bundles and place large woody debris in Newman Creek (Wisconsin) in order to improve brook trout habitat and decrease water temperatures.

Trout Unlimited: $2,000 to cover the purchase of tools and equipment to implement the Gravel Lick Run (Pennsylvania) improvement project in Kettle Creek Watershed to benefit brook trout habitat project.

Clark Fork Coalition: $4,000 to replace an irrigation diversion on Mill Creek (Montana), a tributary to the Upper Clark Fork River, that contains 100% pure strains of Westlope cutthroat trout.

Community School: $2,000 to fund restoration of the riparian zone along Trail Creek (ID), a spawning tributary of the Big Wood River.


Over the past 40 years, TSF has invested more than $1.0 million in nearly 300 habitat restoration and improvement projects in cold water trout and salmon fisheries in more than 25 states. 


About Trout and Salmon Foundation

Trout and Salmon Foundation was founded in 1969 to protect wild salmon and trout in North America. TSF seeks partnerships with local watershed organizations that are directly engaged in habitat improvement and restoration in order to fund projects that improve and expand trout and salmon habitat

Trout and Salmon Foundation is a self-funding non-profit and 100% of all donations to TSF are used to fund habitat and restoration projects in trout and salmon waters across North America.