Our Mission

We enable and accelerate the work of local conservation organizations, landowners, and government agencies by providing grants to restore cold water fish habitat.

Let's work together to save streams

In 2020, Trout and Salmon Foundation provided a grant Trout Unlimited to replace two perched culverts on Trail Fork (Tennessee) with a new stream crossing structure that reopens nearly 17 miles of stream habitat for recently native Southern Appalachian brook trout. The project was recently highlighted in an article published in Trout magazine: https://www.tu.org/magazine/conservation/restoration/brookies-in-tennessee-get-a-new-improved-home/ About…
The Trout and Salmon Foundation was started by Elliott Donnelley in 1969 during his tenure as the first National Chair of Trout Unlimited.
We provide annual matching grants up to $5,000 for an individual project. On-site, volunteer labor by the recipient organization may be recognized as a matching resource.