Camden Creek Habitat Restoration Project to Benefit Wild Trout Spawning Habitat

Shushan, NY

The Trout and Salmon Foundation was pleased to check in on an exciting habitat restoration project on New York’s Battenkill River watershed.  Bill Bullock, Vice Chair of the Trout and Salmon Foundation visited with Jacob Fetterman,Trout Unlimited’s Project Coordinator of the Battenkill Home Rivers Initiative, to get an update on this important habitat project on one of the most valuable spawning tributaries and thermal refuges on the New York side of this amazing wild trout river.

This project is funded by the US Fish and Wildlife Service along with a collection of conservation organizations including Trout and Salmon Foundation, Clearwater and Adirondack Chapters of Trout Unlimited, and Theodore Gordon FlyFishers.

Camden Creek is a high-quality trout stream, providing cold water year-round and spawning habitat for trout. The project site is a quarter mile upstream from Camden Creek’s confluence with the Battenkill River. The site is located on private property with a public fishing access easement. The restoration plan includes bank stabilization, reconnection of the floodplain, in-stream habitat improvements and riparian buffer plantings. Select portions of the habitat improvement work is pictured below.

The project is planned to be completed in September 2020.

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