The Trout and Salmon Foundation is a 501(c)(3) foundation that was founded in 1969. We are a volunteer organization whose board of directors works tirelessly to seek out worthy conservation organizations in need of matching funds for their projects.


The Trout and Salmon Foundation enables and accelerates the work of local conservation organizations, landowners, and government agencies by providing grants to restore cold water fish habitat.


Over the next 10 years, the Trout and Salmon Foundation will be recognized as the premier, volunteer-run foundation supporting community-based watershed restoration projects, at scale, to protect and to grow wild trout and salmon populations.


We are good stewards. Although we are volunteers, we are committed to consistently implementing the highest standards of “best practices” for our administrative, financial, and legal activities.
We value results. 100% of our grants go “in river”. We strive for meaningful and measurable outcomes when we invest in projects. Our grants are multipliers that qualify recipients to raise additional funds.
We love to fish. A passion for fishing and the natural world sustains and motivates us.
We’re devoted to community. We understand that stream restoration can’t happen without the involvement of local organizations. We believe in local and community partnerships to enlarge the impact of our work.
The legacy of our work is multi-generational. We do what we do for our families and everyone who cares about fishing, cold waters and the natural world.


  • William C. Bullock, Chairman, Vermont
  • David R. James, 1st Vice Chair, Vermont/Montana
  • Kenneth Mendez, 2nd Vice Chair, Virginia
  • Edmond F. Opler, Treasurer, Illinois
  • Paul D. Wormley, Secretary, Illinois
  • Harry A. Hanson, III, Ex-Officio Chairman, Massachusetts
  • James Budelman, Montana
  • Thomas E. Donnelley II, Illinois/Montana
  • Robert B. Evans, Jr., Florida
  • Karl A. Komatsu, Texas
  • John McGown, Colorado
  • Edmond Opler Jr., Wyoming
  • Clint Packo, Colorado
  • Todd P. Paul, Illinois
  • Louise K. Stumph, Idaho
  • Oswald Gutsche, Life Director, Nevada
  • John B. Bell, Jr., Life Director, North Carolina
  • Edwin R. Stroh III, Life Director, Florida
  • R. P Van Gytenbeek, Life Director, Colorado